Our Sustainability Promise

We’re making a conscious effort and want to be transparent and share how we’re helping to minimise our impact on the environment and becoming more sustainable.

So, What Have We Done So Far?

In 2019 we launched a 100% Sustainable Skincare Range ‘ZERO’. An all-natural, planet-friendly skincare brand sold globally. ZERO’s mission is to help you care for your skin naturally without sacrificing the beauty of our planet.
We replaced our plastic cotton buds with Bamboo & Paper Stem Cotton buds. Making them biodegradable & environmentally friendly.
We’re changing our Face Pack pouches. Moving from a tube to a pouch means a 60% reduction in plastic. *200ml tube to 200ml pouch.
This is just the start, we’re constantly evolving & researching new opportunities. So if you’d like to keepup to date with our ongoing sustainable journey & our product launches, sign up today.
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